May 12th Backup Plan – Go Virtual

We would love as many as possible to attend our #MillionsMissing Visibility Action on May 12th. But your health comes first. If you don’t know if you will be well enough to attend the public event, a few days ahead of time prepare an individual event in your home. Put on your MEAction shirt and make up a sign and have a picture or short video taken of yourself.

Then on May 12th if you’re not feeling well enough to go to the public event you can post your picture/video to Facebook and/or Twitter or Instagram. Use the hashtag #MillionsMissing so the MEAction Network folks can find and count it. Every event big or small helps build our community.  Click here for more on Individual/Virtual events.




Let’s Get the Word Out !

There are AT LEAST 14 THOUSAND people in Colorado affected by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, by some calculations AS MANY AS 60 THOUSAND!
We want to reach as many as possible. We want them to know that even if they are alone in their homes, we are here advocating for VISIBILITY for them and ACTION to demand funding for research and treatment.
Won’t you help! Look for MEActionCO on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at Please share, repost,  retweet and email our posts about the May 12th event.
Let’s get the word out!

What Is Millions Missing?

Jess from the UK on living with ME.


My name is Jess. I became sick with Mono age 14. Became worse age 18. Full time ‘disabled’ since 19. I miss living at University. I miss walking with my friends without hurting. I miss the goals I had. I miss feeling ‘well’.

If you’ve been on social media at any point the last day or two you’ll have probably seen a little hashtag floating around #millionsmissing. This hashtag is to help ‘promote’ more campaigning and more research into the unknown cause and treatment of ME/CFS. Chronic fatigue syndrome can strike anyone, at anytime. Unfortunately ladies, we’re more prone, but yet again, science has no idea why.
When diagnosed with life-long illnesses you do have to get used to a ‘new normal’, a new state of mind, set yourself new limitations and forget your old ones as much as possible. Many people around the world have been leaving their shoes…

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In Denver – May 12, 2018 @ 10am

save the date

Saturday May 12th is the date when #pwme (People with ME) and their caregivers and allies will be in Action all over the world to bring attention to this debilitating illness.


Colorado folks and neighbors, please join us at the Colorado state Capitol in Denver 10am-11:30.

Here’s the link to RSVP on Facebook.