My Month as a ME/CFS Activist.

A shoutout to all our #pwme who despite their illness are putting on their activist hats for #mecfs awareness month

The Vagabond's Log

I’ve never thought of myself as an activist. Not the disrupting, placard waving, attention getting type. Mainly, I’ve tried to live a fairly private life. This may be changing.

I’ve had symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome most of my life. I had them long before I admitted that illness was a big reason I wasn’t actively stepping into young adulthood. I had my first ‘crash’ as they are called at 22. I’ve had a few since. Over the last few months I’ve fallen into yet another.

People who are familiar with this illness know what I mean by a ‘crash.’ It is what it sounds like – a sudden escalation of symptoms that can keep me house or bed bound. Its been around 15 years since I felt this bad, so it has forced me to readjust to long hours spent resting. Some of those hours I spend surfing the…

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