What Is Millions Missing?

Jess from the UK on living with ME.


My name is Jess. I became sick with Mono age 14. Became worse age 18. Full time ‘disabled’ since 19. I miss living at University. I miss walking with my friends without hurting. I miss the goals I had. I miss feeling ‘well’.

If you’ve been on social media at any point the last day or two you’ll have probably seen a little hashtag floating around #millionsmissing. This hashtag is to help ‘promote’ more campaigning and more research into the unknown cause and treatment of ME/CFS. Chronic fatigue syndrome can strike anyone, at anytime. Unfortunately ladies, we’re more prone, but yet again, science has no idea why.
When diagnosed with life-long illnesses you do have to get used to a ‘new normal’, a new state of mind, set yourself new limitations and forget your old ones as much as possible. Many people around the world have been leaving their shoes…

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